Product Description

Brian Ready Set Go Comfort Bear

Designed for anyone who has lost a loved one. The 15″ Yellow plush male Brian bear is super soft and cuddly.

The bear has a black tie and wears a red and white T-shirt. (The girl bear has pink ribbons on her head.) “When you feel like you can’t bear the pain, hug this bear and say my name.” Cherish the picture that you have placed in the locket, and always remember to: Get ready to carry on, Set a goal, and Go out there and honor your loved one.”

You can also put your picture in the locket and give this to someone to let them know that they can always count on you to be there for them, and to bring them comfort. Great for children in the hospital or who are ill.

Each bear wears a beautiful heart shaped locket adorned with crystals and a glass covering that opens up to allow you to insert the picture. The locket will also come with a matching 24″ chain.

Please note: This bear comes with a red paisley bandanna which is not shown. It is identical to the one shown on the bear wearing the purple bandanna.

Packaged in a beautiful mesh organza gift bag. Proceeds will go towards providing sober living care to those afflicted with addictions. It also allows me to educate young children on the dangers of drugs, and the effects it has on the families.