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You can survive after losing your child

Posted by A Life for Brian on Sunday, January 21, 2018

On Friday, July 15, 2016, my only son Brian was tragically taken away from me by a deadly combination of heroin and fentanyl. He suffered from severe anxiety and was given this deadly mixture, which he was told would help him. His anxiety finally stopped forever, as did his heart. He died instantly and never saw it coming.

Brian was a wonderful, handsome, loving son who had big dreams just like every child. Unfortunately his life was taken away in a split second. I call this murder, and it is happening EVERY DAY. You never in a minute would think this can happen to you and then in one split second your life changes FOREVER.

In memory of my son, I’ve taken on a quest to put the Brian and Brianna Anti-Addiction bears and Comfort bears in the hands of people everywhere:

The profits generated from every sale of our inspirational bears will be used for our 501(C)(3) charity – ID: 81-4152784 – which will be used to provide addicts the opportunity to enter sober living homes.

I am now partnering with excellent rehabilitation facilities and sober living homes which have agreed to step forward to seek sponsorship and to sign on to work with me so that, together, we can make this happen.

Let’s all join together and help these poor victims that are suffering from this horrible disease. If I could just save one life, I will know that I am on the right path in what I am supposed to be doing.

Any donation — no matter how small — will help support this cause.

Thank you for all your support.  We need to join together and stop these lives from being cut short.

No mother or father should ever have to bury their child.

You’ll find my GoFundMe page at

If you would like to purchase a bear, please visit my shop at