From the: POCONO UPDATE - Sept 17, 2022 SAYLORSBURG, PA | The A Life For Brian Foundation is a 501(C)(3) charity with the mission to provide those struggling with addiction the opportunity to enter sober living homes. Carol Cooper, A Life For Brian Founder, urges everyone to be aware of the dangers of fentanyl. “The [...]

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My Second Book Is Out

My Broken Heart Lives on Without You, is a lovingly collated sequel that shares her readers’ many accounts of miraculous signs they received. Dream visitations, life-changing and near-death experiences, pets communicating with deceased loved ones, and unaccountable tales of strangers appearing to deliver messages, are just some of the stories you can read about.

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My New Book Is Out

After an unimaginable loss, we question whether or not we can go on. I invite you to walk alongside me as I take you with me on my spiritual journey after losing my only child.I will demonstrate how I was able to survive, and turn something so horrific into something positive.Through affirmations from my son, [...]

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I’m Starting a Blog to Share My Journey

After losing my only child, I am now ready to share my spiritual journey, and how it has helped me to understand life after the loss.Through my son's guidance and his endless communication with me through signs,  I have learned to believe. I am now convinced that life does, and will go on. Join me [...]

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