Location: Angel Quest
81 Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463

A Woman’s Journey After Losing Her Only Child
with Carol Cooper
Monday, July 8, 6 – 7:30pm
Fee: Free

In her talk, Carol will discuss resources for those suffering from addiction, as well as for those who have been touched by addiction; how to move forward after a tragic loss; signs that turned her into a believer of the afterlife; and how to turn something tragic into something positive.

She will end by showing her “Ready Set Go” comfort bears which provide comfort and inspiration to those who have lost a loved one or to those struggling with addiction.

There are many variations, but the very popular comfort bear is the one that wears a shirt that reads “When you feel like you can’t bear the pain, hug this bear and say my name”. This bear wears a diamond locket that opens up so that you can put a loved one’s picture inside. There is also a superhero bear that provides strength to someone struggling with addiction. This adorable bear wears a button that reads, ” I will fight this battle and win”, and comes with a pamphlet to teach you how to build positive self esteem.

All the bears can be seen by visiting Carol’s website at alifeforbrian.org and clicking shop.

If you’d like, you may purchase a bear at the end of Carol’s talk. All proceeds will go towards providing safe living environments to those struggling with addiction.

About Carol Cooper:

Carol lost her only child to a deadly overdose of fentanyl laced heroin on July 16, 2016. Her son suffered from extreme anxiety, and was given this to help him sleep. She wanted to give up, but something told her to fight, and that is why she started a non-profit foundation, A Life for Brian. Through her organization, not only was she able to provide hope for those who lost a child, but she also uses the money she raises to provide sober living environments to those suffering from addictions, many of whom are homeless. To date, she has helped over 50 people change their lives.